Discover Ardèche

Many remarkable sites of Ardèche are accessible from the cottage:

– The fortified town of Aubenas (3 km from the rental)
– The Spa of Vals les Bains (6 km from the rental)
– The village of Vogüé (14 km from the rental)
– The village of Balazuc (19 km from the rental)
– The village of Antraigues (15 km from the rental)
– The village of Mirabel (15 km from the rental)
– The village of Saint Laurent Sous Coiron (15 km from the rental)
– The village of Jaujac (15 km from the rental)
– The Pont d’Arc (30 km from the rental)
– La Caverne du Pont d’Arc (34 km from the rental)
– Mont Gerbier des Joncs (44 km from the rental)
– The Ray-Pic waterfall (37 km from the rental)
– The Artistic Route of the Water Sharing (40 km from the rental)
A must see the work of Felice VARINI “A circle and a thousand fragments” at the Abbey of Mazan which is located in the heart of the village to which it gives its name.

Outdoor Activities

On the water, on the land, on the greenways, in the air, everyone will find their playground.

To make a family outing (kayaking on the Ardèche or cycling on the landscaped greenway) you can make a course from the rental company Balazuc Loisirs (nice and professional).
Beautiful landscapes guaranteed on this part of the Ardèche.

All the information for a family outing on foot or by bike on the 53km of greenways in the South Ardèche.

To make a canyoning trip with the family you can choose the provider below. Very fun activity for children supervised by qualified instructors. Very beautiful landscapes guaranteed on the Besorgues.

To make a Via ferrata outing with your family. Equipment rental on site.

For an outing supervised by an instructor on the via ferrata.

Near to Ucel

Ucel is ideally located in the heart of the department to radiate and visit the Ardèche plateau, the Vivarais mountains, the rivers of the south of the Ardèche.

Located on the left bank of the Ardèche, the town of Ucel has a varied architectural heritage.

The building of the Manufacture Royale (silk spinning mill) founded in 1752 is still visible near the bridge over the Ardèche.

We can still notice vestiges of the industrial era with the old silk mills that remain on the territory of Ucel.

The historic village of Ucel and the ruins of the castle dating from the eleventh century can be visited. The Hermitage with its Gothic chapel are accessible on foot by a path from the historic village.

From the belvedere of the Rocher des Combes you can observe the landscape at 360 ° with a view of the first foothills of the Cevennes and their chestnut groves.

The paleontological geosite of Sartres presents in the open air the sandstone slabs of the (sub)-footprints of the first dinosaurs of 3 species among the first dinosaurs inhabiting the region 220 million years ago. The site was highlighted by the Parc des Monts d’Ardèche in 2020 as part of the Geopark (UNESCO label).

Nature lovers will appreciate the forests of Ucel to discover via many marked hiking trails.

From the terrace of the designer’s Cabanon, panoramic views of the fortified city of Aubenas and the cliffs of Jastres will remain privileged moments of contemplation.

Relax in the Ardeche

Close to Provence, the Ardèche is a Mediterranean department with multiple attractions and geological peculiarities.

Le Cabanon du Designer is located in a quiet area conducive to rest, idleness and contemplation. The house is 1 km from the shops of the village of Saint Privat (2 bakeries, press, tobacconist, post office, pharmacy, small Casino).

In summer, there are several access points for swimming in rivers and torrents (Ardèche, Volane, Besorgues).

In spring and autumn it is possible to leave the cottage to go mountain bike rides or hikes on the forest roads of the town.

For stays focused on well-being, the thermal center of Vals les Bains (6 km from the cottage) offers à la carte treatments.

The Ardèche is also famous for its gastronomy and you can experience it by tasting the “maouche” and other typical dishes of the Ardèche Plateau such as dishes worked from the “Fin gras”.

Made from chestnuts and potatoes, the traditional Ardèche diet has given way to a typical gastronomy for its charcuterie, its farmed meats, its fruits, its mineral waters, its wines, its olive oils, its famous porcini mushrooms, its chestnuts and its « Marrons Glacés ».