Relax in the Ardeche

Near to the Provence, with its mild climate, the Ardèche is a multifaceted region.

You will discover different landscapes such as Le Pont d’Arc, Les Gorges de l’Ardèche, La Grotte Chauvet, Le Mont Gerbier de Jonc and La Cascade du Ray Pic.

On the Ardèche plateau, you will have the opportunity to undertake unforgettable hikes right in the middle of forests and vast stretches of land.

The Ardèche is also famous for its cuisine and you will be able to experience it, staying at Ucel, tasting the Maouche, the typical dish of the Ardèche plateau which is originally based on chestnuts and potatoes.

The Ardèche cuisine is also famous for its meat, its vineyards and its famous mushrooms. Being lodged at Ucel gives you the opportunity to discover and relax during your stay.

Discover Ardèche

By leasing a house in Ucel,in the Aubenas region, you will be lodged in l’Ardèche Verte (Green Ardèche).

Along 5km of the left bank of the Ardèche, between the Vivarais’ plateaus and mountains, Ucel holds a prestigious architectural heritage.

You will be able to visit the castle ruins, which date back to the eleventh century, The Hermitage with its gothic chapel and the viewpoint at Rocher des Combes. You still can notice vestiges of the industrial era with the old silk work plants that remains on the Ucel’s territory.
La Manufacture Royale (The Royal Factory) was founded in 1752. At Pont d’Ucel, situated near the river, you can find the Chapelle des Voyageurs, which has been restored to the delights of visitors.

For swimming lovers, the Ardèche and Sandron “gours” will allow you to experience its peace and tranquillity.
Nature lovers will enjoy wholeheartedly the Ucel forest area where you can find species such as the Corsican Pines, noticeable for their majesty.

The panoramic view of Aubenas and its surroundings from Rocher des Comber is a must-see during your stay in Ucel.